What to expect with your Treatments

Your first treatment will include a check-up & review of your overall health, muscular & postural alignment, along with discussing any specific goals you are looking to achieve. A careful assessment is made on the best treatment plan to suit you. Every treatment is then tailor-made to your needs.

Following your treatment you are given aftercare advice to optimise results. This can include any program of steps such as specific training, rest, diet or treatment plan.

Your treatments include a combination of techniques as below, to give you the most effective results.

Swedish Massage
Sports Massage / Deep Tissue
Postural Correction
Pressure Point / Trigger Point Therapy
Pre & Post Natal

Healing Process

Swedish Massage
This is a blend of specifically designed techniques which aims to relieve and relax muscles by applying pressure against them. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to promote oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from your muscles. Massage picks up fresh oxygen from the heart-lung system and blood circulation is increased without putting any strain or load on the heart itself. Build up of toxins, lactic and uric acids as well as various other metabolic waste is flushed away.

Swedish massage both stimulates and soothes the skin and nervous system, reducing physical and emotional stress. Massage promotes a range of healthy chemicals and hormones, and can be used as a regular program for stress management.

Sports Massage / Deep Tissue
This massage takes the Swedish technique to a much deeper level where it becomes more focused on dealing with injuries deep within your muscle fibres and connective tissue. Slower, firmer strokes are used to seek out and map areas where your body has suffered a build-up of pressure, injury, strain or scar tissue. Deep tissue massage can be used to combat muscle fatigue, poor muscle tone, promote recovery after an injury, muscular scar tissue and joint problems.

Sports and deep tissue massage combine various types of treatment, often used by physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals. The therapist works along and across muscles fibres, loosening knotted scar tissue and helping them to repair. Damaged muscles often tighten around joints and along the spine where they can become sore and painful. Deep massage helps to release this tension.

During your treatment I will apply various techniques with changing pressure, individual to each area of your body to leave your muscles feeling stronger and less tense.

Sports and Deep Tissue massage also works very well with people who are recovering from an accident, operation or surgery, chronic muscle tension, lack of or painful mobility, or deep knots in the muscles.

Postural Correction
Through daily use your body picks up areas of tension and your muscular posture starts to slowly change. These changes can be very small to begin with, and can build up over months or years leading to persistent aches and pains.

An example of postural imbalance is when one leg is slightly more tense, causing a change in the way you sit, walk or run. This imbalance then reflects tension in other areas such as your feet, hips or back.

Through treatments I will bring your muscles back in to balance so your body feels better aligned.

Pressure Point / Trigger Point Therapy
I target precise areas of underlying muscle groups prone to knots of tension. These pressure points are released to improve poor blood circulation and improve muscle function. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is applied to specifically where the release of muscle knots is required. This also relieves pressure and pain on affected nerves.

As with the Sports Massage the I will apply various techniques with changing pressure, individual to each area of your body to leave your muscles feeling stronger and less tense.

Pre & Post Natal
This specialised massage is tailored towards the needs of an expectant mother, and follows with your progress after full term. Pregnancy is wonderful, but it can also be very exhausting work.

Pre-natal massage has been shown to decrease swelling in the arms and legs, relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints, and also reduce stress.

Back pain during this time is common, and you may not feel comfortable with taking medication. Massage releases your body's natural painkiller seratonin, and endorphins which not only ease the pain but provide a calm and relaxing environment for your baby.

Healing Process
At the end of the treatment you will be left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Most people will see an instant change as their body starts to feel lighter and more flexible.

It usually takes 24-48 hours for your body to feel the full effect of a treatment.

For best results a course of treatment is recommended. Contact me for an informal chat about your needs.

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