Recent feedback from my clients...


"I am an long distance runner and first saw Amit after continually breaking down with a variety of injuries ranging from shin splints to pain in my IT band. I was running 40-50 miles per week, completing marathons in a reasonable time but seemingly unable to push onto the next level. Amit was excellent in identifying the cause of my problems as well as treating the effect. He identified that I had an inbalance in my running style and gave me a range of exercises to work on to redress this.

After seeing Amit weekly for several months I was able to increase my weekly mileage, recover quicker with the niggles gradually going away. With Amits help and support I have been able to knock 20 minutes off a 5-year old marathon personal best and  complete 9 ultra marathons, including the Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc CCC last year. My running has continued to improve and I have been injury free for almost 2 years, despite clocking upwards of 100 miles per week in training. I have visited several sports therapists before and Amit is by far and away the most knowledgable, definitely one of the best at what he does."

John Melbourne



"Suffering with neck pain for the past 6-7 years, I decided to get help when my problem became so severe, that it started affecting my left arm. I was diagnosed with severe spondylotic, which is protruding of disc in the spine, pressing on nerves. I was recommended surgery which took place in April 2012. The surgery was a success. Nevertheless my problems in my shoulder got worse. I was then diagnosed with a torn tendon in my shoulder, hence went for keyhole surgery in October 2012.

Physiotherapy was very important as pointed out by my surgeon. I was introduced to Amit by my daughter’s friend who recommended him strongly. I decided to try Amit who advised of all the do’s and don’ts of dealing with the problems that I was experiencing, e.g. I was carrying a hand bag on my shoulder which was aggravating my condition and although this is just a small mistake I was making, it made a significant different when I simply changed to carrying a messenger across the body bag as opposed to a handbag.

The massages were exactly what I needed together with key physiotherapy exercises Amit also advised me to do. Slowly my left arm became stronger. Little things like combing my hair, picking up things, driving etc were so difficult to begin with, however with Amit’s help my condition improved immensely. Amit has told me that I am nearly at the 100% mark and my arm is back in use.

I am so happy with my progress, with the help of Amit’s professional advice and hands on approach. The money I have spent was worth every penny and I have no regrets, just one that I wish I had met Amit a few years ago, maybe then surgery could have been avoided. I can’t thank Amit enough."

Mrs Shushma Anand



"I first started seeing Amit after many years of knee pain, due to years of intense running.

After 2 months of weekly treatment, I am very pleased with the work that he has done to help re-correct the muscle imbalances that I have, as well as helping me to rebuild multiple areas including the glutes, hips and quadriceps.

I have been very impressed by the holistic approach to healing that he has taken, focusing not simply on the symptoms, but more specifically on the body as a whole.

In doing so, I feel that he is addressing the route causes of my injuries. With continual discussion and thanks to Amit's great attention to detail, as well as thorough explanations, I find that I am more knowledgeable and better placed to continue with my own running and training."

Chris Jubber



"I work in Central London and live near Heathrow and visit Amit in Isleworth every week or two.

I have an old shoulder injury.  Over time, the whole body has become involved which results in a lot of unhappy muscle.

I have found deep tissue massage, in combination with strength training, to be the most effective treatment (I have tried many, including physiotherapy and acupuncture).

Amit is expert.  I feel 15 years of therapy and 3 operations qualifies me to make this judgment. 

He is extremely skilled; he has an uncanny ability to read the body and pinpoint problem areas; he adapts the strength of the treatment to your limit; he has a genuine will and commitment to helping you; he listens to the patient (you).

I am much happier in my skin, am putting on muscle and am freed from persistent fatigue.  For this I am very grateful and unhesitatingly endorse him."

Richard Hayman-Joyce



"I have found Amit at SKA Remedial to be a professional masseur; he is friendly, patient and skilled. As for the practice it is clean, serene and beautiful scented at all times.

Overall a very pleasant experience even if sometimes the treatment that is required is  a little intense, Amit is always considerate.

A great massage at an excellent rate, recommended."

Steve Blanchard



"Dear Amit,

I was so glad I found you in West Middlesex Hospital for a massage trial.

I thought that I could not walk the way I walk now or carry my shopping, but you really made my day. After those following treatments I was so glad that I could walk around with friends, something I did not expect.

I just want to say thank you very much for the work you are doing. I now do things that I could not do, like doing my own shopping and  walking long distances.

Continue to do the good work  you are doing. I really appriciate you."

Tereza U



"I woke up one morning with shoulder pain, in-fact I could barely press my empty fist above my head.

As, Amit has his studio in the gym I thought that I would give it a shot. I'm please to say that his studio has the 3 c's its very clean, comfortable and calming. In just two short sessions of 10-15 mins each my shoulder was good as new.

Amit is great at what he does and I highly recommend him.

Spencer Austin



"I was given a massage with Amit as a birthday present from my fiancee. She has a massage once weekly with him and absolutely loves her treatment, so I was interested to see how great it really was.

Well, I can tell you it was amaaaaaazing. Not only was it incredibly relaxing, Amit found a couple of places in my calves where circulation wasn't as good as it should be. He treated this with expert manipulation and once I stopped grimacing (it was a bit painful but worth it!) carried on gently with the massage.

Excellent treatment. Lovely room. Nice snoozy atmosphere. Nice chap. What more could you ask for?"

Dan - Isleworth, Middx



"The session was very helpful and Amit was professional about any needs or treatments I needed.

He asked me many questions about my health and what areas were to be treated beforehand, I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

I am happy to revisit Amit and keep him as my regular therapist."

Amarat Sehgal



"I visited Amit following a very painful sports injury.  He was able to see me quickly - in fact on the same day I called him.  He listened to my problem and quickly assessed what was needed and treated the muscular pain I was experiencing. 

The treatment was very effective.  I began to feel the impact almost immediately and with the remedial exercises that Amit gave me and a couple of follow up sessions I felt  strong and well. 

Amit has a gentle, professional manner and was very reassuring at a time when I felt in pain and vulnerable.  I would, and have recommended Amit to friends and colleagues."

Helen, Isleworth



"I’d been running for a while and it was slowly going downhill, I was pulling calve muscles and having problems with my knees to the point where I couldn't run for more than fifteen minutes without something going wrong. When I initially saw Amit I was sceptical, but after a few treatments I noticed a real difference, it was like getting a new pair of legs. 

I was given advice on which muscles to build to help support my knee, and not only has his treatment sorted my calves, his sound advice on how to maintain and improve them has helped me remain injury free and actually improve my running to way beyond my expectations"

Wayne, St Margaret’s



"I initially visited Amit with a bad back, brought on by lifting up the baby i look after as I'm a nanny. I booked in for an hour session, and had a full body massage.

It really helped with my back, and I continued to have treatments for a number of weeks, seeing vast improvements each time. Since then i have been training for a Triathlon, and Amit has been treating my calves as well as my back.  I have found it really useful, and have managed to keep training thanks to him, when my body was saying NO!

The race is this coming weekend and I'll continue to see Amit on a regular basis to help with any muscular aches and pains afterwards.

He is really well qualified, professional and friendly. His rates are excellent and I highly recommend him."

Julie Moorcroft, Hounslow



"I have suffered from chronic back pain for 30 years since having an accident as a child.  Regular exercise has kept my back in check and reasonably supple but it is really since I have been receiving treatment from Amit that I have seen the best results in terms of mobility and pain relief.   

I can't recommend a good sports massage highly enough, in terms of the benefits, and Amit's easy going manner and utmost professionalism soothes the mind as well as those muscles! 

My sister also received treatment from Amit after hiking the 95 miles of the West Highland Way and was astonished at the results he was able to produce on her thoroughly battered legs and feet!"

Elaine Sommerville



"I have suffered for many years with upper back and neck pain. In addition I also get migraines on a regular basis. I found that general massage and treatments from chiropractors and osteopaths brought very short term relief from the pain.

I had resigned myself to  living with the pain until I was at the gym one day with a very sore neck and headache. In desperation I decided to see Amit for a massage! I did not hold out much hope but I was in so much pain anything was better than nothing! It turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have made.

Amit was patient and calm and took a detailed case history. He totally put me at ease and explained what he was going to do . During the treatment he explained what he was doing  and what he hoped to achieve. I was treated as an individual not just another person in a long line of people with aches and pains!

After the treatment I felt extremely relaxed and Amit explained the after care.

I have had several sessions with Amit and can say that I feel a huge difference in not just the aches and pains but in my general wellbeing as well. I feel I have finally found something that works for me.

I do sometimes get a migraine and have a sore neck but not as severe as before the treatment. I try and have a massage every month (time permitting) and will continue 
to well in to the future.

I have already recommended Amit to other people as he has really helped me . He is happy to just chat and give advice as well. I would urge everyone  to have a treatment with Amit. He  provides an excellent bespoke service and not a "one size fits all."

Bhavna Acharya



"I would like to put on record how much I appreciate having access to the SKA Remedial Clinic at LA Fitness. 

 At the age of 73, it is not surprising that I have numerous minor problems which flare up from time to time, particularly lower back and neck pain.  Amit‘s massage treatment has been very successful in alleviating these pains when they have been particularly troublesome.   He has given me good advice on how to manage them, and has advised me on beneficial stretching exercises.  He is also expert in identifying  the occasional tissue damage. 

He has a very pleasant and respectful manner, which means that there is no question of any embarrassment, and his knowledge of his subject inspires confidence.  I would have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Sheila McMichael



"I am very pleased to have chosen SKA Remedial for my treatment.

You came well recommended and so far from the results of my treatments I can see why.

My key problem before treatment was back pain that radiated to my legs. I was also acutely aware that my stress levels can be very high and that I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck. Your treatments have focused on these problem areas - 'painfully' at times but I believe in 'no pain no gain' philosophy most of the times!!

Post treatments I feel pain and stiffness is greatly reduced and I definitely feel my back and legs are stronger for it. I know I have some way to go before I would be running that marathon!

Pain or not you are stuck with me for some time to come, see you soon."

Satpal Chana


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