How can you Benefit in everyday life?

The benefits are endless and more people are discovering that common problems, often suffered for many years, can easily be improved by massage.

Health Conditions

Back Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Painful Knees
Stiff Joints
Muscle Tightness

Restricted Movement
Tennis Elbow
Postural & Muscular Imbalance
Torn Muscles
Fluid Retention
Bone Weakness
Weight Loss

Therapeutic benefits include:

Detoxify & Aid Recovery
Increase Muscle Density
Shorten Muscle Recovery Time
Raise Muscle Metabolism
Increase Muscle Length
Increase Muscle Flexibility
Increasing Blood Flow
Improving Circulation

Help To Lower Blood Pressure
Boost Low Immune System
Post Operation Recovery
Restless Sleep
Promoting Blood Supply To Skin
Nourish & Improve Skin Tone
Release of Seratonin & Endorphins
Invigorating sense of well being & healthy lifestyle balance



Untreated Muscle Fibres

Untreated muscles fibres can become constricted and fatigued. The flow of oxygenated blood and nutrients is restricted, toxins and waste sit on the muscle fibres without being flushed away and uric and lactic acid can damage the protective layers allowing knots to form.

In such cases muscle metabolism is severely affected, lowering flexibility and strength.


Fibres After Regular Corrective Treatment

Muscle fibres, after regular treatment, look much larger and are relaxed. Deep knots are ironed out, blood and nutrients are able to flow freely. Muscle fibres are stronger and are able to contract and release smoothly. Toxins and waste are flushed away more easily.

Muscles are now functioning better.


How Much Of Your Muscle Are You Using?

During any exercise or activity your muscles will inherently undergo inflammation, accumulate waste and suffer fatigue.

Left untreated, any areas of knots, adhesions or tension that exist in the muscle will restrict and limit your muscle strength; lowering your performance potential.

Sports treatments have a direct and immediate effect on relieving muscles without putting load on your heart or other organs - giving you faster results in performance and strength gain without any side effects.

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How do tight muscles affect joints?

As muscles become tight and shorten in length, they increase the load on your joints. This is felt as soreness on areas such as your ankles, knees, hips, elbows or shoulders.

An example of this is a client visiting me to treat soreness & pain with her knee. I worked to release the pressure on her knee by concentrating on the muscles around the joint - treating not only the symptom, but also the cause of the pain.

Remedial treatments are effective in correcting joint pain, and are a natural, non evasive alternative to complicated surgery, painkillers or steroid injections.


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